Dear Colleagues/partners, This is the second year that the SADC Parliamentary Forum (SADC-PF) is commemorating the International day of Parliamentarism pursuant to Resolution A/RES/72/278 of the UN General Assembly.

The SADC-PF is proud to celebrate this day together with its 15 Member Parliaments and commemorate the democratic values that underpin parliamentary work across the SADC region.

Statement of SG - International day of parliamentarism 2021


In line with the Forum’s Strategic Plan, the SADC-PF is committed to continue brandishing the bright colours of parliamentarism and promoting healthy and stable democracies which are buttressed by the rule of law, a culture of human rights and best practices regarding accountability and transparency. Furthermore, the Forum is committed to assisting Member States promote socio -economic development and resilience, achieve progressive economic growth, address climate change by reducing the carbon footprint, and attain environmental sustainability which are fundamental ingredients for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the fulfilment of agendas such as Africa Agenda 2063.

The Forum also recognises that parliamentarism is the firm anchor for the implementation of gender equality and the adoption of progressive budgets which are gender-responsive and which correspond to the demands of the SADC citizenry.

While the SADC region continues to face unprecedented challenges of a health and economic nature in 2021, the Forum would like to appreciate on this day the commendable work conducted by Speakers/Presiding Officers, Clerks/Secretaries General of national Parliaments as well as parliamentary staff, for keeping Parliaments strong and alive with parliamentary business during this particularly trying time. The Forum further recognises that parliamentary democracy can be a stepping stone for economic recovery and that parliaments, as agents of change, represent a beacon of hope for the SADC region.

Long live democracy and parliamentary action. Yours sincerely,

Ms B. Sekgoma, Secretary General,

SADC Parliamentary Forum 30th June 2021

Statement of SG - International day of parliamentarism 2021

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