22ND – 26TH NOVEMBER 2023

  • The SADC Parliamentary Forum (SADC PF) 54th Plenary Assembly Session was held from 22nd to 26th November 2023 in Port Louis in the Republic of Mauritius, under the theme: “The Role of Parliaments in Promoting Coordination for Enhanced Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery Planning in the SADC Region.”
  • Thirteen (13) of the fifteen (15) Member Parliaments attended the 54th Plenary Assembly Session, namely: Angola; Botswana; Democratic Republic of Congo; Lesotho; Malawi; Mozambique; Namibia; Seychelles; South Africa; Tanzania; Zambia; Zimbabwe and the host Mauritius.
  • This marked the third time that the National Assembly of Mauritius had the honour of hosting the Plenary Assembly Session, having previously done so in November 2002 and June 2014.
  • The 54th Plenary Assembly Session was officially opened by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius, Dr. Honourable Pravind Kumar Jugnauth. In his opening remarks, the Prime Minister acknowledged the critical role that parliaments play in addressing the growing challenges posed by natural disasters and climate change in the SADC region, including cyclones, droughts and floods, which have tragically claimed numerous lives and destroyed property. He further emphasised that Parliaments as institutions that are entrusted with the solemn duty not only to enact laws and shape public policies but also to allocate resources judiciously, are central to addressing the challenges of disaster risk management, climate mitigation, and adaptation.
  • The Prime Minister also reiterated that parliaments have a central role in establishing and strengthening the vital link between governments and the citizens they serve. Therefore, the SADC PF, as the apex regional parliamentary body, was an indispensable platform for advancing parliamentary cooperation in the SADC region. The Prime Minister urged the delegates to the 54th Plenary Assembly to formulate resolutions that would contribute to creating a safer SADC region, one that is conscious of the importance for climate change governance and disaster preparedness.
  • The Plenary Assembly extensively deliberated on the theme for the 54th Plenary Assembly Session, guided by the presentations from the Resource Persons. These experts were drawn from the Government Ministries and Departments of the Republic of Mauritius responsible for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Meteorological Services, Environment, Solid Waste Management and Climate Change. The resolutions from deliberations on the theme are contained in a Communiqué which is included as an addendum to this Communiqué.
  • The Plenary Assembly deliberated and resolved on various issues arising from Reports submitted by the SADC PF’s Organs including Executive Committee, Standing Committees, Regional Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (RWPC) and Regional Parliamentary Model Law Oversight Committee and Members’ Motions.
  • The Plenary Assembly deliberated and made resolutions on various policy, administrative and financial matters, including the transformation of the SADC PF into a Regional Parliament. In this regard, the Plenary Assembly acknowledged the progress made towards signing of the Agreement Amending the SADC Treaty to establish the SADC Parliament, as reported during the 43rd SADC Summit of Heads of States and Government which took place from the 17th to 18th August 2023 in Luanda, Angola.
  • The Plenary Assembly took note that 9 out of 16 Member States had signed the Agreement Amending the SADC Treaty. In this regard, the Plenary Assembly resolved to engage in further lobbying efforts with Heads of States and Government, along with other stakeholders, to expedite the achievement of the required quorum of 12 Member States for signing the Agreement.
  • The Plenary Assembly commended SADC citizens and stakeholders for their enthusiastic participation in virtual public hearings conducted by SADC PF Standing Committees. The Plenary Assembly also encouraged them to continue actively engaging in future public hearings, which will be held annually.
  • The Plenary Assembly deliberated on ways to enhance relations between BRICS and SADC, both at executive and parliamentary levels, with the aim of further promoting South-South cooperation and effective, inclusive multilateralism.
  • The Plenary Assembly took note that the current SADC PF Strategic Plan (2019-2023) was coming to an end and therefore, discussed the framework for the successor Strategic Plan for 2024-2028 and urged Member Parliaments submit their input by 30th November 2023, to ensure timely completion of the document.
  • The Plenary Assembly reiterated the urgent need to end the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip which has led to indiscriminate targeting of civilians, denial of access to humanitarian aid, and the displacement of vulnerable populations and called on all parties involved in the conflict uphold their obligations under international law, to protect the lives and dignity of civilians in the Gaza Strip.
  • The Plenary Assembly expressed its appreciation for the publication of a book titled "The Birth, Rise, and Role of the SADC Parliamentary Forum in addressing regional issues," authored by Dr. Kasuka Mutukwa, the former and first Secretary General of the SADC-PF, and paid tribute to Dr. Mutukwa for his significant contribution to the history of SADC PF and the broader regional context through this book.
  • The Plenary Assembly extended its appreciation to the Speaker of the National Assembly and through him, to the Government and people of the Republic of Mauritius, for a successful 54th Plenary Assembly Session and for the hospitality extended to all delegates.
  • The Plenary Assembly expressed its appreciation to the Parliament of the Republic of Angola for its commitment to inter-parliamentary cooperation in the SADC region by offering to host the 55th Plenary Assembly scheduled for July 2024."


Done at Port Louis, Mauritius, on 26th November 2023



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