Securing Our Future: Parliamentary Leadership in Financing Climate Adaptation Featured


This event brings together members of parliament to explore their role in driving accountability for climate adaptation, align national policies with international climate goals, and enhance strategies for mobilizing adaptation finance. It also emphasizes the prioritizing of the needs of the most vulnerable.


In an era marked by escalating climate risks and the increasing frequency of natural disasters, the need for climate adaptation has never been more urgent. Despite mounting evidence of the dire consequences of climate change, global action remains insufficient to address the evolving challenges. While climate change is a threat to countries around the world, the capacity to adapt to climate-related disasters varies significantly.

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Parliamentarians play a crucial role in ensuring the future resilience of their countries. The 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in Dubai, UAE in December 2023, marked a significant milestone with the adoption of the “UAE Consensus” and the Global Goal on Adaptation Framework. Despite these positive steps, the Global Stocktake revealed significant gaps in adaptation efforts across sectors and regions. Alarmingly, current adaptation finance flows have decreased by 15%, highlighting the urgency to bridge this gap as we approach COP 29 in​【?? ??】 Baku, Azerbaijan, in November 2024, where key decisions regarding the New Collective Quantified Goal for climate finance will be made.

As the deadline looms for meeting the doubling of adaptation finance targets within the remaining year, failing to prioritize adaptation finance risks worsening the adverse impacts of climate change on the most vulnerable communities and undermining progress toward global climate goals. Concerted efforts will be required to fulfill our commitments and expedite adaptation finance to meet the needs of those most affected by climate change as we navigate toward COP 29.

This event brings together members of parliament from across the globe to:

  • explore the critical role of parliamentarians in driving increased accountability for climate action on adaptation to ensure that adaptation finance is allocated appropriately and used for its intended purposes;
  • identify ways to align national policies with international climate adaptation goals to maximize the impact of adaptation finance;  
  • enhance strategies for mobilizing additional resources for adaptation finance, including public, private, and innovative financing mechanisms; and 
  • highlight the importance of prioritizing the needs of the most vulnerable populations in adaptation planning and financing.

Framing Questions : 

  •  From a parliamentary perspective, what are the main challenges hindering adequate financing for climate adaptation initiatives, particularly in vulnerable regions?
  • In what ways can parliaments carry out their oversight roles to ensure that adaptation finance commitments are met and effectively utilized?
  • How can parliaments support and incentivize the private sector to increase their financing of climate adaptation initiatives?
  • How can parliaments ensure that adaptation finance is effectively integrated into broader development policies and strategies to promote sustainability and resilience?


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