Executive Committee

This is the Management Board of the SADC Parliamentary Forum and is composed of seven Speakers of Parliament and seven Members of Parliament at any one time. All the Member Parliaments are represented on the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee oversees policy implementation and any other issues related to the management of the Forum. It has three Sub-Committees, namely, the Finance Sub-Committee, the Human Resources Sub-Committee and the Legal Sub-Committee, all of which report to the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee embodies the management body that monitors the implementation of Plenary Assembly decisions and feeds information to the Plenary Assembly.

The Composition, tenure and sessions of the Executive Committee shall be as prescribed under Article 12 of the Constitution. 

The Executive Committee shall:

  1. be responsible for the overall management and conduct of the Forum business;
  2. prepare the agenda of the Plenary Assembly Session;
  3. present to the Plenary Assembly for approval, the annual budget of the Forum;
  4. table the annual audited accounts before the Plenary Assembly;
  5. present to the Plenary Assembly the annual implementation plan of the activities of the Forum;
  6. table reports and other submissions as the Plenary Assembly may direct;
  7. submit to the Plenary Assembly for approval any amendments to the Constitution in line with Article 30 and Rules of Procedure pursuant to Rule 48;
  8. recommend to the Plenary Assembly any review of the membership annual mandatory contributions;
  9. appoint, on such terms and conditions as it may determine, staff necessary for the performance of the functions of the Forum;
  10. ensure that in the appointment of staff to the Forum, the gender and geographic representation are adequately addressed; and
  11. without prejudice to the powers of the Plenary Assembly, take binding decisions in between meetings of the Plenary Assembly.

The Executive Committee is composed of seven Speakers and seven Members of Parliament over a two-year tenure of office, and is informed by the following Sub-Committees:

  1. Parliamentary Business Sub-committee which formulates and makes recommendations concerning the business of Plenary Assembly. It consists of the President, Deputy President, Plenary Assembly Host Speaker, Treasurer, Chairperson of the RWPC as ex-officio and the Secretary General;
  2. Legal Sub-Committee which advises on constitutional, legal and procedural matters relating to the operations and functions of the Forum;
  3. Finance Sub-Committee which advises on financial matters of the Forum;
  4. Human Resources and Capacity Development Sub-Committee which makes recommendations on the terms and conditions of service for staff of the Forum and considers reports by the Parliamentary Capacity Development (PCD) Steering Committee.

Substantive Members





Hon. Speaker Esperança Laurinda Francisco NhiuaneBias Female President Mozambique
Hon. Senator Isaac Mmemo Magagula Male Vice-President Eswatini
Hon. Samuel Dalitso Kawale Male Treasurer Malawi
Hon. Josefina Perpetua Peres Domingos Pitra Diakite Female   Angola
Hon. Speaker Phandu Tombola Chaha Skelemani Male   Botswana
Hon. Speaker Jeanine Mabunda Female   DRC
Rt. Hon. Speaker Sephiri Enoch Motanyane Male   Lesotho
Hon. Speaker Christine Harijaona Razanamahasoa Female   Madagascar
Hon. Ashley Ittoo Male   Mauritius
MP, TBA     Namibia
Hon. Speaker Nicholas Prea Male   Seychelles
Hon. Speaker Thandi Modise Female   South Africa
Hon. Speaker Job Ndugai Male   Tanzania
Hon. Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane Male   Zambia
Hon. Speaker Advocate Jacob Francis Mudenda Male   Zimbabwe







Hon. Speaker Professor Peter H. Katjavivi Male Host Speaker Namibia
Hon. Mats’epo Molise-Ramokoane Female RWPC Chairperson Lesotho


Procedure for Election to the Executive Committee

Nomination Guidelines

  1. The Secretary General shall, not less than 60 days before the date of the Plenary Assembly at which the next elections are to be held, notify National Parliaments of the composition of the Executive Committee.
  2. The notice shall clearly indicate those National Parliaments that are eligible to elect Presiding Officers and those eligible to elect non Presiding Officers to the Executive Committee.
  3. Each National Parliament shall communicate in writing the full names, gender and political affiliation of the nominee for the one position on the Executive Committee within 30 days from the date of notice referred to in Rule 43 (1) (a) above.
  4. Where a National Parliament fails to comply with the nomination
    guidelines, the Secretary General shall reject the nominations and
    request the National Parliament concerned to address the matter.

Election Procedure

  1. The Secretary General shall be the Returning Officer.
  2. Once the outgoing Executive Committee has confirmed the names and credentials of the Executive Committee, the Secretary General shall prepare for the elections of the President, Vice-President and Treasurer.
  3. The Electoral College shall comprise all the Members of the Plenary Assembly.
  4. A quorum of a simple majority of the Plenary Assembly is required before elections can take place.
  5. In the event that a quorum is not established at end of the Plenary Assembly Session, Members of the Plenary Assembly present shall proceed with election of office bearers.
  6. A National Parliament that has previously held the position of President shall not be eligible for election to the position before the rotation cycle is completed.
  7. A National Parliament that has previously held the position of VicePresident shall not be eligible for election to the position of VicePresident before the rotation cycle is completed.
  8. The Returning Officer shall call for nominations for each position.
  9. Where only one candidate is nominated for a position, that candidate shall be declared duly elected.
  10. Where more than one candidate is nominated to a position, voting shall be conducted by secret ballot except that where a man is elected to the position of President, only the women present shall be eligible for the position of Vice-President and vice versa.
  11. Where there is no opposition Member elected to the position of President or Vice President, only opposition Members shall be eligible for the position of Treasurer.
  12. The Returning Officer shall count ballots immediately after voting.
  13. The electoral process shall be open to observation by Clerks/Secretaries General of National Parliaments.
  14. The Returning Officer shall announce the results of the election to the Plenary Assembly

Sub-Committees of the Executive Committee

The Sub-Committees of the Executive Committee shall include the following:

  1. Parliamentary Business Sub-Committee;
  2. Legal Sub-Committee;
  3. Finance Sub-Committee; and
  4. Human Resources and Capacity Development Sub-Committee.

The Executive Committee may establish any other Sub-Committees or Ad hoc Committees as and when necessary.

Immediately after the election of the President and Vice-President, and designation of the Treasurer pursuant to the Constitution, the Executive Committee shall establish Sub-Committees during the same Session.

The Executive Committee shall, through the Office of the Secretary General, convene the first meeting of each Sub-Committee at which meeting a Chairperson and Vice- Chairperson shall be elected.

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