Legal Sub-Committee

The Executive Committee shall from time to time determine the composition of the Legal Sub-Committee, a majority of whom shall, where possible, be members with knowledge in legal matters.

The Legal Sub-Committee advises on constitutional, legal and procedural matters relating to the operations and functions of the Forum; 

The functions of the Legal Sub-Committee shall include the following:

  1. to advise the Executive Committee on constitutional, legal and procedural matters relating to the operations and functions of the Forum;
  2. to scrutinise and report to the Executive Committee on the credentials of Representatives of Member Parliaments attending Plenary Assembly meetings; and
  3. to attend to any other legal matter referred to it by the Executive Committee or the Plenary Assembly.

The quorum of the Legal Sub-Committee shall be a simple majority of its Members. In the event that a quorum has not been established, the President shall co-opt other Member/s of the Executive Committee to sit on the Sub-Committee on an interim basis, for the purpose of transacting business. Decisions shall be by consensus and in the event of failure to reach consensus, then such decisions must be referred to the Executive Committee. The Legal Sub-Committee shall be serviced by a staff member of the SADC PF Secretariat appointed by the Secretary General.





Hon. Speaker Adv. Jacob Francis Mundenda, Chairperson Male Zimbabwe
Hon. Speaker Jeanine Mabunda Female DRC
Hon. Josefina Perpetua Peres Domingos Pitra Diakite Female Angola
Hon. Speaker Job Ndugai Male Tanzania
Hon. Speaker Prof. Peter H, Katjavivi (ex-officio) Male Namibia

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